2017-10-14 - 2017-10-17
ADDRESS:Shanghai Exhibition Center, No.1 West Hall 1F, No.1000, Middle Yan'an Road, Jing'an District, Shanghai 上海市静安区延安中路1000号上海展览中心西一馆

2017年10月14日至17日,时堂Showroom Shanghai将继续在上海展览中心西一馆举办2018春夏季服装服饰展。作为上海时装周所极力打造的“亚洲最大订货季”的重要组成部分,时堂继续巩固其在本土高端时装市场上的领先地位。




Showroom Shanghai will host the 2018 Spring & Summer collection exhibition at the West No.1 Hall of Shanghai Exhibition Center from October 14 to October 17, 2017. As an important constituent of “the largest order season in Asia” featured in Shanghai Fashion Week, Showroom Shanghai will spare no efforts in consolidating its leading position in the local high-end fashion market.

This April, Showroom Shanghai is officially set up at Shanghai Exhibition Center at its third anniversary, enhancing viewers’ experience tremendously. The exhibition, covering an area of 3,600m2, has become the most popular showroom with matured brands. Three years of accumulation has endowed Showroom Shanghai with a steady audience of 3,000 professional visitors, including elite representatives of fashion buyers, brands, media, and investors, among which, professional buyers have accounted for half the number, creating values for the participants in the meantime. Additionally, Showroom Shanghai has also offered professional buyers the broad space from which to choose brand portfolio of high marketization degree. 

Showroom Shanghai 2018SS will keep a high-stand brand portfolio. Ninety-three brands of different styles are singled out from many booth applicants for different retail requirements. More and more overseas design brands, which have come to regard Showroom Shanghai as their doorway into Chinese market, account for 26% at this upcoming show, including matured business design brands that have already owned hundreds of sales channels. Accessory brands, which have been on at the rise with each expo, account for 25% this time, and have become the most sought-after category. For men’s wear, the percentage is up slightly to 11%, but will keep rising amid aspiration of many retailers to open select shops for men’s wear. 

Growing steadily together with markets and brands has always been Showroom Shanghai’s initial intention these three years.