2024-01-09 - 2024-01-12
ADDRESS:THE X TOWER, 2F Building 2, No.100 YeJiaZhai Rd, Putuo District, Shanghai 上海普陀区叶家宅路100号 创享塔2号楼2F



2024年1月9日-12日,时堂Showroom Shanghai 24 SUMMER+ 将如约在普陀区叶家宅路100号创享塔2号楼2楼开展。



Showroom Shanghai 24 SUMMER+,the treasure season.

Showroom Shanghai 24 SUMMER+ will be held on the 2nd floor of Building 2, THE X TOWER, 100 Yejiazhai Road, Putuo District, from January 9 to 12, 2024. 

As a supplementary tradeshow, the Showroom Shanghai 24 SUMMER+  is not large, and 18 brands are selected, half of which are exhibiting for the first time. Big brands have finished the summer tradeshow in December last year, and the brands that came out to participate in this time have the blessing of a strong supply chain in addition to their distinctive product styles. The number of buyers who order in this season will not be particularly large, and the competition in the same region will not be very fierce. Therefore, this season can be called the treasure season.