2016-10-16 - 2016-10-19
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2016年10月14日晚8点,3个参加“时堂 Showroom Shanghai”展会的品牌,Black Spoon、Liang Xue,以及Lost General,于上海新天地时尚举办小型展示活动(presentation)。

这是上海时装周官方活动之外的独立展示,旨在加强时堂订货环节的品牌形象展示。小型展示活动,不同于时装秀,它形式更轻松,与观众的距离更近。Black Spoon与Lost General均有模特现场展示各自2017秋冬最新系列,Liang Xue则选择用静态展览的方式。时堂作为本次活动的主办方,第一次尝试,用更为轻便的presentation的方式,为有需要增加品牌形象展示环节的设计师品牌,提供增值服务。

这3个设计师品牌各具特色,与时装周主秀场的设计师与品牌气质不同。Black Spoon曾连续3次参加上海时装周发布,并获得一致好评,这次设计师白莫媞想用更为独立,更能完整表现自己品牌形象的方式来做一次实验;Liang Xue则担任Decoster-Men品牌设计师,拥有丰富的设计经验,这次她第一次用自己的名字创设品牌,对外发声,可以看到她在男女装领域成熟而又异质的独特表达;Lost General的创始人则为时堂的创始人之一,为中国第一代买手店TIPS的经验者尹家圣,他将自己在行业内的多年市场经验,与个人强烈的摇滚风格结合在一起,为市场带来一股充满力量的系列。


Showroom Shanghai will hold its 2017 Spring & Summer Fashion Show from October 16 to 19, 2016 at Xintiandi Style. Once again, Showroom Shanghai will stage this fashion show near the main venue of Shanghai Fashion Week to provide the much sought-after locations for interested brands.

The 2017 SS show will witness over 60 brands coming from Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, Canada, US and UK, and among them most are local designer brands.

There will be 38 brands making their debut at this show, accounting for over half of all the brands. Compared with last year, the brands this year strike a more conspicuous tone of variety and dynamism, highlighting practicality and suitability for different occasions. Designers are more bent on articulating their ideas by mixing fabrics and alternating compositions in rather simple designs. Meanwhile, the prices of leading products see a slight decline, ranging from RMB 1,200 to 5,000. Co+Co by Coco Rocha founded by super model Coco Rocha is a good example. Fresh from its journey at New York Fashion Week, the brand has wasted no time to hurry to Showroom Shanghai, interpreting its idea of the “sport chic”.

This year, we have made a bold try to introduce more men’s fashion brands to the show, a gesture to address the issue of women’s fashion brands dominating previous sessions. We have partnered the GQ magazine, the firm advocate of men’s fashion brands in China, and invited Sankuanz, Sean Suen, Chuang Qu and Uma Wang to the show. With endorsement of the international perspective of GQ, we aim to explore the possibility of using retail terminals to promote men’s fashion brands, and showcase the talent of China’s pioneering men’s fashion designers to the clients and therefore boost their confidence.

During the last two years, Showroom Shanghai has gradually shifted its focus to further exploration of upstream and downstream industry chains and have, thus, curtailed its efforts in more superficial aspects. The statistics of April this year showed that the number of buyers accounted for 70% and exhibiting brands were able to add 3~10 new clients at each session. It’s fair to say that Showroom Shanghai has achieved the goal of attracting clients at an initial stage, and now moved towards improving performance-based KPI, as well as building reputation for itself and at the retail terminal. In the future, we plan to systematically sort out the retain terminals nationwide and do our homework to connect brands to thousands of buyer stores. We will help brands to develop their target clients and provide value-added services such as training &guidance at retail terminals. On top of all this, there will be concrete measures to take on the persistent issue of the agenda of Shanghai Fashion Week lagging behind the production cycle, and the need for bringing in pre-spring and pre-autumn series.