JUNNE 品牌诞生于2016年元月,由青年设计师刘彦君创办NEW JUNNE,NEW JOURNY JUNNE崇尚软雕塑的轻奢理念,凸显外柔内刚的女性特质,为优雅独立的都市女性打造非凡的着装风格 JUNNE品牌不同于现有的独立设计师品牌,提出一根纱万千变化而成的全新概念。专注于独立设计师空白领域,主推毛针织工艺,玩转针织与梭织的精髓,自如结合版型与工艺,将每一款单品都考究的极致。

JUNNE advocates entry lux concept and creatively proposes soft sculpture,and highlights the female characteristics of iron hand in the velvet glove.Creating on extraordinary dressing style for elegant and independent urban females.Among the current independent designer brands,JUNNE puts forward the brand-new concept that one yarn can be ever changing.Focusing on the blank field of independent fashion designer,JUNNE’s ideal craft is knitted sweater.Manipulated the essence of knit and woven,JUNNE combines with different technique.