2023-06-30 - 2023-07-03
ADDRESS:Shanghai Exhibition Center , No.1000, Middle Yan'an Road, Jing'an District, Shanghai 上海市静安区延安中路1000号 上海展览中心


6月30日-7月3日,时堂Showroom Shanghai将在上海展览中心举办2023 WINTER+ 冬展。




本次冬展,参展品牌逾60个。在历年冬展中都有极佳表现和长足增长的品牌,如CHAU·RISING洲升、FENGGY、MILI.XU、密MUKZIN扇、RE’VAN STUDIO、SELAH、VERA SERIASE都在其列。除此之外,本次参展的新品牌也占到了总量的1/3,包括CONSISTENCE 、Fakeme、KATAWORLD、queueup、在内的优秀新品牌可堪圈点。

Showroom Shanghai 2023 Winter+: A Season of Pragmatism

Showroom Shanghai  2023 WINTER+ will be host at the Shanghai Exhibition Center from June 30th to July 3rd.

More than two months ago, the first Showroom Shanghai AW tradeshow after the lifting of pandemic restrictions witnessed a recovery of traffic. While a total of 78% of participating brands met our expectations, we cannot ignore the continued downturn in the consumer goods market. According to the data of the National Bureau of Statistics, in this April, sales of apperal, shoes and hats, and knitted textiles fell by 9.7% from the previous month and were a far cry from those in January and February. Without any obvious boost during the golden week of May Day, the sales figure for May weren’t good either. In Q1 this year, RMB deposits surged by 10 trillion, reaching 60% of last year’s total. This indicates consumers’ weakened confidence and a pessimistic outlook for investment.


This isn’t the first contraction we’ve experienced and it won’t be the last. As the situation gets worse, pragmatism becomes even more important. After all, brand building is an ongoing battle. Showroom Shanghai launched its first Winter+ tradeshow in 2020, just after the initial breakout of the COVID pandemic. Back then, the philosophy was that “hard work pays off.” As long as we stuck to the unique characteristic of the brand, our efforts would eventually be fruitful. This year, we highlight “pragmatism,” presenting crafted, practical products.

The Showroom Shanghai  2023 WINTER+  will be held on the second floor of East Hall and the lobby of Central Hall, covering a total exhibition area of 5,800 square meters. Compared with our seasonal tradeshow,  2023 Winter+ is smaller in scale, with relatively fewer participating brands. But from our experience, Winter+  will be more market-oriented and the buyers will have more time allocated to new brands.


More than 60 brands will participate in this Showroom Shanghai  2023 WINTER+ , including those with excellent performance and rapid growth from the previous events, such as CHAU·RISING, FENGGY, MILI.XU, MUKZIN, RE’VAN STUDIO, SELAH, and VERA SERIASE. In addition, new brands also account for 1/3 of the total, including impressive ones like CONSISTENCE, Fakeme, KATAWORLD, and queueup.