2021-12-17 - 2021-12-20
ADDRESS:No.30, Wen'an Road,Jing'an District, Shanghai & Joint Savings Bank Warehouse(4th Floor ,No.1, Guang Fu Road,Jing'an District, Shanghai)上海市静安区文安路30号 和 上海市静安区光复路1号 四行仓库4楼



12月17日-20日,时堂 SUMMER+ 夏展如约而至。








最先响应我们夏展的品牌,包括RE’VAN STUDIO、UOOYAA LAB、MILI.XU、MUKZIN密扇、夹生: HALF-MADE_、SELAH、UKEEP、PANTTERFLY、Seriase……都是时堂的压舱石。他们都将加盟时堂夏展首秀。


今年10月,时堂在四行仓库4楼推出了全新的THE UNION by 时堂 常年展,也会在夏展期间,以完整的面貌示人。




11月22日-26日,THE UNION会先做一轮订货预热,组织了70个精选品牌的深冬新品现货,以及10多个羽绒强单品品牌,帮助买手店决战双旦销售季。有空的话,可以赶在夏展前,提前解锁THE UNION的魅力。





Showroom Shanghai 2022 SUMMER+—Summer, A Key to the Market 


Showroom Shanghai SUMMER+ will be held from December 17th to 20th.


Spring and autumn days are getting shorter. Last year, we reaped a harvest from our first winter trade show. Now our summer trade show is here.


Designer brands have paid little attention to summer, when materials used are light and thin, and the structure is simple, with not muchleeway for designers. But summer is the season in which young people haunt the streets in a huge diversity of clothes. The traditional spring-summer and autumn-winter orders are highly competitive. Before most designers realize it, we argue that summer is a key to the market.


Due to the schedule of the Shanghai Exhibition Center, we relocate our venue for Showroom Shanghai SUMMER+ temporarily to Suhewan at 

No. 30 Wen’an Road (the former site of the warehouse of the Industrial Bank of China) and


the fourth floor of the Sihang Warehouse where we hosted part of our previous exhibitions.


These dual venues sit on the north bank of the Suzhou River, with a walking distance of only 200 meters. Again, it’s like two flowers blooming at the same time.


The brands that first supported our summer show includes RE’VAN STUDIO, UOOYAA LAB, MILI.XU, MUKZIN, HALF-MADE_, SELAH, UKEEP, PANTTERFLY and Serase. They are all important partners of Showroom Shanghai, and will be present at the inaugural of Showroom Shanghai SUMMER+.


Our new perennial exhibition launched this October on the 4th floor of Sihang Warehouse, THE UNION by Showroom Shanghai, will also be fully unveiled during this summer show.


Therefore, there will be more than 60 brands participating in Showroom Shanghai SUMMER+. The brands engaged in spot orders will bring the total number to 120. The exhibition will cover an area of 10,000 square meters.


From November 22nd to 26th, THE UNION will organize a warm-up event of order placing, where 70 selected brands will be present bringing their new winter products, plus more than 10 strong brands specialized in down to help buyers boost their sales. If you are available, you may unlock the charm of THE UNION before the summer show.


This summer show is the last piece of Showroom Shanghai’s jigsaw for 4 shows a year. We are increasing the ordering frequency, not to intensify competition, but to give brands at different stages of development and with different backgrounds diversified choices to enter the market.


Thank you for your attention. We look forward to seeing you soon.