2021-09-09 - 2021-09-12
ADDRESS:Shanghai Exhibition Center , No.1000, Middle Yan'an Road, Jing'an District, Shanghai 上海市静安区延安中路1000号 上海展览中心



10月9日-12日,时堂Showroom Shanghai 2022春夏展再度登场。


















回过头来看,时堂在逐步扩大规模,提高展会频次的基础上,也在不断尝试推出新的服务。2019年,我们做了替设计师品牌消化库存的THE WAREHOUSE,一不小心红了;今年10月,我们将推出我们精心准备了1年半的THE UNION常年展,以适应日趋碎片化的渠道发展。

At the doorstep of Showroom Shanghai 2022 SS, we apologize that we are not big enough



From 9th to 12th October, Showroom Shanghai 2022 SS Collection come back again.


First of all, we have to say sorry to those brands that have tried to enroll in but failed in the end. It's really not because you are not good, it’s because we are not big enough.



Originally, we planned to hold the new exhibition based on the scale of the 21 AW collection thrown in April this year, but we were shocked after surveying brands for their intention to attend. We initially planned an exhibition area of 12,000 square meters, which was far from enough even for hosting old friends, let alone those inquiring new brands. It’s because each season more and more brands increased demand for booth space — 30% of the brands that enrolled each season have doubled their booth space.



As a result, we hurriedly expanded the exhibition area to 16,000 square meters. However, the proportion of new brands that can get in is still lower than 30%, which Showroom Shanghai has insisted on to guarantee the freshness of Showroom.



Finally, we had to use external space and set up a secondary venue of over 4,000 square meters in Joint Savings Bank Warehouse, a key national preserved historical building. Even so, it is still a shame that we cannot take in all those outstanding brands willing to join our exhibition.



Therefore, to visit Showroom Shanghai 2022 SS exhibition, you will have to go to two places. But it’s like two flowers blooming at the same time.



So far, our October exhibition has been expanded to nearly three times over the same period last year. It takes the second floor of the West Hall 1, the Central Hall and the first and second floors of the East Hall 1 of Shanghai Exhibition Centre, and the entire 4th floor of the Joint Savings Bank Warehouse. The number of brands reached 300, also a new record in our history.


In response to the explosive rebound of the market last year, Showroom Shanghai increased the frequency of exhibitions. In addition to regular two annual exhibitions during fashion weeks, we added the Winter+ Collection, opening another showing space for Showroom Shanghai’s participating brands and accelerating the birth of many new brands with eye-catching market performance. More and more brands that rely on traditional retail channels have also opened up "buyer lines" and become "invasive creatures" in the ecology. The market is really kicking.



We see that in a post-pandemic market, new communication and sales models are reshaping the landscape of China's mid-to-high-end women's wear market. This makes the traditional model of single-brand retail, which  relies heavily on commercial real estate to attract off-line traffic, go fragmented step by step. Showroom Shanghai is truly honored to witness these major changes of the era.


Looking back, in addition to continuously scaling up and increasing the frequency of exhibitions, Showroom Shanghai is also introducing new services. In 2019, we launched THE WAREHOUSE to help designer brands to revitalize their excess inventory, which later became a hit; in October of this year, we will launch THE UNION, a perennial exhibition we have carefully prepared for one and a half years to adapt to the increasingly fragmented channels. Please stay tuned for the upcoming post at Showroom Shanghai official wechat account, where we will officially introduce THE UNION by Showroom Shanghai.