2022-07-15 - 2022-07-18
ADDRESS:No.2 Plant , No.33, Hangyang Street, Wulin Constellation,Gongshu District, Hangzhou 杭州市拱墅区杭氧街33号武林之星博览中心2号厂房





7月15日-7月18日,时堂 Showroom Shanghai 2022 WINTER+冬展,将亮相于杭州武林之星博览中心2号厂房。

















Confirmed! Showroom Shanghai 2022 WINTER+ COLLECTION will be relocated to Hangzhou in mid-July


How are you? We haven’t seen you for half a year.


Showroom Shanghai 2022 WINTER+  COLLECTION will be hosted at No.2 Plant of Wulin Constellation Expo. Center in Hangzhou from July 15th to 18th.


This time, we have no choice but move away from our hometown. Shanghai suffered a lot from the pandemic this spring, and it takes time to recover. To ensure a safe and convenient travel for our buyers from across the country, we are relocating the exhibition venue from Shanghai to Hangzhou. Though there is no confirmed case for quite a few days and dine-in services, gyms, cinemas and Disneyland are also gradually opened, even the asterisk in the travel code is canceled nationwide, leaving more space for travel.


This is the first time Showroom Shanghai is hosted outside Shanghai since its establishment 8 years ago. Though it causes inconveniences for Shanghai brands to travel across provinces and participate in the exhibition, most of them who signed up for this WINTER+ COLLECTION still choose to go with Showroom Shanghai. Meanwhile, more showrooms from Shanghai will also host ordering events in Hangzhou and try to remodel an ordering season in small scale.


Small outbreaks of COVID pandemic happened occasionally from the second half of 2021, causing interruptions to the fashion retail sector. After a relatively short recovery in spring 2022, the outbreaks inHangzhou and Shenzhen hit the two major garment industrial cities. Soon Shanghai was stricken by a majoroutbreak, followed by sporadic outbreaks in Beijing in May. All these have greatly affected fashion retail inChina for the first half of 2022, and new bookings for 2022 AW. Showroom Shanghai 2022AW COLLECTION was postponed and later cancelled, and Showroom Shanghai 2022 WINTER+ COLLECTION was postponed twice and ultimately held out of Shanghai. The entire industry was in trouble, and thus all favorable chancesand policies should be seized to bring new products to the market in this harsh time.


Focusing on the demands of growing brands, Showroom Shanghai is committed to provide ordering opportunities, thus greatly meeting the vital demands of small and medium-sized brands. In April 2020, Showroom Shanghai pioneered in organizing the first PUZZLE Exhibition, a series of small-scale, multi-venue events preventing large crowd gatherings, to help many brands overcome difficulties. As the first large-scale exhibition after four months of market aspiration, Showroom Shanghai 2022 WINTER+ COLLECTION will be a rare opportunity for every brand, and the first reunion of the whole industry after half a year’s silence. This hard-won Showroom Shanghai 2022 WINTER+ COLLECTION shall be remembered by history.


Although Showroom Shanghai 2022 WINTER+ COLLECTION in 2022 was postponed and ultimately relocated to Hangzhou, the scale is not compromised. The new venue, WULIN CONSTELLATION, was formerly the famous oxygen machine factory in Hangzhou. Designed by renowned architecture firm Herzog & de Meuron Architekten. The combination of Showroom Shanghai and this renovated Hangzhou landmark will bring you a brand new exhibition experience.


WULIN CONSTELLATION is located in a core CBD of Hangzhou, is only 3 km away from Hangzhou East Railway Station.


PLANT 2 hosts an exhibition area of 10,000 square meters, which basically equals to that of Showroom Shanghai 2021 WINTER+ COLLECTION. The number of participating fashion and accessories brands reaches more than 130, 50% more than the same period last year.


Some brands told Showroom Shanghai that at this tough moment, any ordering opportunities should be seized, especially a special ordering season-- an industry event that will be reappeared in Hangzhou in mid-July.


We are looking forward to meeting you in Hangzhou!