2023-03-25 - 2023-03-28
ADDRESS:Shanghai Exhibition Center , No.1000, Middle Yan'an Road, Jing'an District, Shanghai 上海市静安区延安中路1000号 上海展览中心



3月25-28日,时堂 Showroom Shanghai 2023秋冬 将在老地方,上海展览中心与您相约。










Showroom Shanghai Makes a Comeback with A/W 2023 Series


Showroom Shanghai will make its debut in the post-COVID-19 era with A/W 2023 series at the usual place--Shanghai Exhibition Center--from March 25 to 28.


The past three years have witnessed the ups and downs of the market. Now, in an era when implementation of COVID-19 control measures has become routine, is it possible for us to return to our record high in 2021? This is what everyone in the industry would wonder when it comes to this season’s showroom. However, operation data in the first two months this year showed that the catering segment has recovered at a pace much faster than the retail sector. It is expected that in A/W 2023, brands are still going to face considerable challenges. According to the incomplete statistics of Showroom Shanghai, about 25% of the select shops failed to make it through this winter.


However, registration for participation indicated that the designer brands are generally positive and optimistic about the market. This season’s showroom also runs in parallel with that of the same period in 2021in terms of scale, with a total of 206 brands registered, 35% of which are new participants to the Showroom.  We are more than happy to inject new blood into the market.


After the market slump last year, the sweet and cool style is gradually giving way to simplicity that highlights texture in 2023. This season will present a more intuitive picture of the significant market changes in the post-epidemic era. As restrictions related to COVID-19 have been lifted, there are an increasing number of startups by returnee designers, in addition to overseas brands that have been absent for three years.


The first exhibition of Showroom Shanghai in 2023 bids farewell to the “uncertainties” of the past three years, as well as a new beginning.