As an experimental fashion element, LABORON, with distinct features of the post-modern era, goes beyond the framework of modern fashion and trend. It was born in Hong Kong, as a fashion innovator. It was founded by Joyce Lee, an independent designer who sojourns in Australia, a trendsetter. It is positioned at making “very experimental clothes”. The design inspiration comes from different arts in different times. Deconstruction from the east and minimalism from the west, together with unique understanding of “sexy” and “neutral” of our two designers, constitute our design features. LABORON tries to break the traditional concept of fashion and makes an experimental exploration on fashion itself, like an independent lab of the fashion industry. 

 LABORON代表实验室诞生的一种时装元素,以极具鲜明的后摩登时代特征,走在现代流行与趋势的框架之外,以时尚分歧者的姿态诞生于香港。由旅居澳洲的独立设计师Joyce Lee创立,品牌定位“充满实验性风格的时装”。设计灵感来源于不同年代的艺术领域,以东方的解构手法融合西方的极简主义,并透过两位设计师对性感与中性的独特理解形成设计特色。LABORON彷如时装工业中特立独行存在的实验室,尝试打破传统的时装观念,对时装本身作一番实验性探索。