yu-er是一个生活方式的选择。 一切以自然为出发点、在最舒服、最自然的状态下的冥想而发展出的一种生活姿态。 创作者HAONI的成长背景是yu-er的创作原型,从最基本的材质出发,延伸出具有创作者气质的品牌,取自自然为根源,身为女性天生的阴柔内敛,带入都会的线条与轮廓、巧妙且适度的点缀带有童趣的设计。 描绘出现代都市生活中自然内敛的姿态,在最舒适、最自在的状态中捕捉到的巧思与灵感。 一点点难以捉摸、一点点空灵、一点点幻想、一点一点认真刻画。yu-er期望将这样的生活美妙滋味实践在每一件创作当中。 霓,取自创作者本身的名字,代表着赋予的生命与期待。 雨儿是创作者的小名,代表着一种亲昵 保有童真的温暖。 YU-ER,是雨儿的英文直译。 也代表着这个品牌的个性。 像一个现代的女性角色,是坚强且温柔的、是优雅而幽默的。 是单纯却缜密的。 期许品牌在同一种态度、质感、个性中发展出具有多样又不冲突的氛围。期望品牌以一个生命个体有机生存着,以一个让人想亲近的样貌来展现给世界。

Haoni, is my given name which means full of power and expectation. Yuer is my nickname which means intimate, warmth and naivety. YUER is also the English translation, which represents the personality of my brand. It represents the character of a modern woman, tough but soft, elegant but funny, and simple yet meticulous. I hope this brand can change conventional attitudes, with its belief in fine quality providing many opportunities for creativity. It can inspire a new interpretation of lifestyle, and present a new concept to my audience. Haoni's background was the inspiration for YUER. YUER combines a modern look but retains a love for natural atmosphere. Not only does it invoke childishness, but romance. It's hard to define our dreams in words, but we dare to express the truth in our vision. YUER wants to invoke passion into each and every creation.