if&n擅长从自然取材,融入花朵的线条、草叶的利落,将坚毅与柔软融入服装之中,创造出专属于if&n的女性风格,除此之外,更注意细节设计与材质的选用,无论是何种风格的女性,都能将if&n穿出属于自己的味道,舒展自平和、优雅 、纯净的氛围中。

In 2012, Taiwanese fashion designer Yi-Fen, Tsai launched her individual brand, if&n. The brand concept is to interpret the elegance of female nature by combining the natural figure of fabric and tailored cutting. Yi-Fen makes delicate nature of women by her unique fabric shapes. To complete a woman’s figure by simple outfits that can explain a woman’s life.