“C.J. YAO” 是独立设计师CJ的同名服饰品牌,其一贯的色块拼接与大胆的色彩碰撞极富辨识度。几何线条的利落剪裁配以些许运动街头元素,让时装打破性别、年龄和场合的界线。更有设计师CJ独有的戏谑式自我表达最终幻化成对时装“肆意妄为”的重新定义,在精致优雅和幽默诙谐中打造一种良性平衡,用其新奇的独家视角观察时下人们的生活百态。

‘C.J.YAO’ is a clothing brand named after the independent fashion designer CJ. It has been highly recognizable with its consistent color block and adventurous color collision. Geometric and neat cutting style combined with kind of sporting street elements has broken boundaries of gender, age and occasion when thinking of clothes. CJ’s self-joking way of expression has characterized her ‘unruliness and untrammeled ’ understanding and redefinition of fashion. She always tries to achieve a balance between exquisiteness and jocosity while observing people’s life with her novel and unique point of view.