The name of MUKZIN is inspired by “mysterious fan”that brings luck in oriental legend. It’s established in 2014 by Kate Han and George Feng. Both of them well understood the essence of eastern and western art and fashion.Based on a pan-Asia perspective, integrating traditional handcrafts with unconventional modern design, they interpreted the majestic and myriad oriental culture and brought about a new Oriental aesthetic language in a brand-new dimension through the medium of design.



2018-2020年密扇陆续完成巴黎、伦敦、米兰与纽约国际四大时装周,并受邀参与于罗马MAXXI当代艺术博物馆举办的设计大展。2021年密扇通过当代设计语言结合传统民间非遗手工,将UPCYCLE(回收再造)的创作理念融入设计,展现东方手工珍贵的价值与温度。密扇MUKZIN的设计作品多次登上《 VOGUE 》、 《 BAZAAR 》、《ELLE 》、《 L’OFFICIEL 》等全球多家时尚媒体。并被《ELLE》意大利杂志评为“东方符号”。

From 2018 to 2020, MUKZIN successively attended the four major international fashion weeks in Paris, London, Milan and New York, and was invited to participate in the design exhibition held at the MAXXI Museum of Contemporary Art in Rome. In 2021, by combining folk intangible cultural heritage handcrafts with  contemporary design language, and integrating creative concept of UPCYCLE into the design, MUKZIN showed the precious value and temperature of Oriental handcrafts. The design works of MUKZIN have been published in《VOGUE》,《BAZAAR》,《ELLE》,《L’OFFICIEL》and other global fashion medias for many times. And MUKZIN was appraised as "Oriental Symbol" by 《ELLE Italy》.