密扇服饰诞生于2014年,由品牌创意总监韩雯(Kate Han)与丈夫冯光(George Feng)共同创立,用不落窠臼的现代设计解构了中国传统文化的森罗万象,借由服装为媒介载体,糅杂出一种全新维度的新东方主义美学语言。“密扇手作”为旨在复兴中国不同民艺内在手作精神的高定系列,将在上海时装周呈现。

MUKZIN was established by Creative Director Kate Han and her husband George Feng in 2014. Standing on a pan-Asia perspective and following the consumption trend “Oriental Fever”, they deconstruct the majestic and myriad Chinese traditional culture, via original modern costume design, and bring about a neo-orientalist aesthetic language in a brand-new dimension. MUKZIN Traditional Handicraft, a couture series that aims at revitalising the craftsmanship in diverse Chinese folk arts, will be presented in Shanghai Fashion Week.