MATCHBOX 来自女性设计师对当代文化的理解。叙述平静中的情怀与力量感,传达了刚柔并置的当代精神。品牌聚焦追求自我与情怀的这一极具代表性和影响力的青年群体。以“自由、自我”为品牌精神,创作具有舒适与自我态度表达的高级时装。表达当代新青年追求自我价值认定与情怀的生活态度。

MATCHBOX is the female designer’s understanding of contemporary culture, which describes the feelings and sense of potency in calmness and conveys the contemporary spirit of flexibility. This brand focuses on the youth groups who are very representative and influential in pursuingego and feelings. Taking freedom and ego as its brand spirit, it creates high-quality fashion with comfort and self expression showing that the contemporary young people life attitude of pursuing self value and sense of feeling.