Bronze Lucia,译为古铜·陆玺娅,是设计师陆玺娅2013年创立的限量尊享纯手工饰品同名品牌,2015年加入女装线。强烈的洛丽塔风格,复古、宫廷、少女、童话故事感,浓厚的文艺气息。“优雅不做作,放肆不出格”的中式洛丽塔理念。

Bronze Lucia is a hand-made limited accessories collection launched in 2013 under her name and included into her Ready-to-Wear Women Collection in 2015. With a strong focus on Lolita style and artistic taste, the accessories are vintage and girlish, with a tough of fairytale and court style. Upholding the Chinese Lolita principle of “Elegance but not artificial, daring but not flaunty”, the accessories are must-have pieces with both artistic beauty and collectible value. In the rich colored and handmade collection, vintage brass hardware imported from America, hand sewn details that can be found only in French and Italian haute couture collections, vintage beads, corrugated cashmere, silk and bead strings are integrated all together.