KATHY LAM STUDIO是由KATHY LAM于2014年创立的。由于KATHY的幼儿时代,她有一个时尚的亮点,GREEN UP在时装设计专业学习,并在伦敦时装学院完成了她的荣誉学位。 品牌的主要理念是创造蓝色和白色的时尚,高雅,宁静和自信的蓝色立场,白色代表自然,简单和纯洁。 我们的设计与女孩的柔软口感融为一体,融合女性魅力,创造出优雅自然的触感。 传统的切割,混合当代形式和精美的细节。 KATHY LAM工作室以舒适的结构为基础,希望创造出自然,独特的蓝白相间的风格,凸显女性和女孩的天然美。

KATHY LAM STUDIO was founded by kathy lam in 2014, since kathy's early childhood, she has a soft spot for fashion, grew up studied major in fashion design, and completed her honors degree at LONDON college of fashion. the brand main philosophy is to create fashion in blue and white only, blue stands for elegance, tranquility and self-confidence, white represents nature, simple and pure. our design brim with girl's unripe taste, fusion with feminine charm, create elegant and natural touch. fellow the traditional cut, mix with contemporary forms and embellish with exquisite details. KATHY LAM STUDIO cares on comfoetable construction, desire to create a natural, unique blue and white stylle to highlight the natural beauty of women and girls.