Make It Hungry

Make It Hungry 由两个多年好友于2014年在巴黎创立。以服装的形式传递感情、承载回忆、寄托信念的最直接载体而作为其最根本的原创设计理念。MAKE IT & HUNGRY是一个专为潮流人士提供创新理念、提供个性独立的品牌。追求艺术、时尚和生活的融合,并打破了传统将 男女风格混搭。坚持100%原创以及100%的用心,通过天马行空的想法和设计带给人们最新、最前端的时尚文化。

MAKE IT HUNGRY was founded in Paris in 2014.Its fundamental original design concept is to take the cloth as the direct carrier to convey feelings, carrying memories and deposiJng belief.MAKE IT HUNGRY is a brand providing innovaJve ideas and independent personality for the trendy. It seeks the integraJon of art, fashion as well as life, and mixes different styles of men and women to pursue asexuality clothes.