密扇手作 两年的淬炼砥砺之后,密扇品牌于2016年发布了旗下两条副线品牌,其一为旨在复兴中国不同民艺内在手作精神的高定系列,名为“密扇手作”,密扇手作首批高定服装采用了作为非物质文化遗产的“疆绣”为核心工艺,深入新疆哈密腹地建立了堪与国际一线品牌手作工坊比肩的千慧绣娘团,令这门鲜为人知的古老手艺重新为世人所识。

After two years of refining and tempering, MUKZIN released two bridge brands: MUKZIN Traditional Handicraft, a couture series that aims at revitalising the craftsmanship in diverse Chinese folk arts.The first couture series of MUKZIN Traditional Handicraft adopts the intangible cultural heritage Xinjiang Embroidery as its core technique. The team went into the heartland of Hami in Xinjiang Province, established the craftsman workshop QIANHUIXIUNIANGTUAN (Chinese embroidery artisans) that is abreast of international first-line brands, and helped bring this ancient little-known craft into light.