QZ SHEN是由跨界设计师申凡在2015年创立于北京的高级街头男装品牌,品牌定位面向25-35岁中高端轻熟男的客群。品牌名取自设计师申凡的本名“申清志”。QZ SHEN的设计灵感大多汲取自动画人物设定。强烈的CG感、大廓形、硬线条是品牌一直追求的设计风格。同时QZ SHEN 的设计也在不断尝试在结构和解构之间的游移,打破传统的分割线并进行重新组合,让男装更具设计感的同时也兼具实穿性。可拆卸交互式的“一衣多穿”设计让穿者可以与衣服之间有更多的互动可能性。

QZ SHEN was co-founded by transboundary designer Stefen Shen and the director of brand Louis Yin. The brand name originates from Stefen’s Chinese name “Qingzhi Shen”.QZ SHEN is inspired by the interesting things of our daily lives, they could be a bug, a building or a piece of paper. QZ SHEN is simple, structuralist and easy to wear. The unkown sides of people could be excavated by the over-size style and the strong lines. That is the“Invisible Me”what we are looking for.