TINA BLOSSOM 是专为具有个性的女性设计的品牌,专为懂得享受自身文化的女性设计的品牌。建议奢华生活的风格,高档的材质,高感度风格,合理价格合理的建议合理的是品牌。简单的构造解析及华丽且不必要的比起装饰,更显高档的设计和节制的细节,强调女性柔和曲线,表现美丽的是品牌。

Contemporary Classic Warm Femininity.Functional, flowy and fashion forward with own prints.Our collection, pleats, is about sensitive and natural woman.Garments are made of wool and silk with natural dye with own designed print.They are absolutely comfortable and easy yet glamourous.Our aim is to make clothes that woman have been looking for it.The formula they are inspired by architecture spirit with modern feminine aesthetic producing refined designs of good quality craftsmanship and fabric.The end result is a sophisticated range that is well priced,in fact very affordable, that allows users to get proud of themselves because of our unique and beautiful outfit.