CUTO卡兔由几个热爱皮具设计的跨界建筑师,工业设计师, 艺术设计师共同创立于2015 年。在艺术相关的各行业中,多年的设计工作经验给了我们更多的创作灵感以及对个性化生活 品质的苛求。皮具成为了我们对传统皮具弊端进行批判的一个载体。设计一系列真正适应当代人生活的简单而好用的产品成为我们的设计的主要目的。我们一年只做少数几件专精细致的产品,希望保证每一个款式都能成为深入人心的设计。

CUTO is founded by a group of architects, industrial designers and art designers in 2015.Years of working experiences in different field give us inspirations and demanding of Individual lifestyle. Leather becomes a carrier of the criticism of traditional design logic.Design a series of products that could adapt simple and easy life, become the main purpose of our design.We only design and make a few products every year as to make sure each one of then touches the heart of our customer.