Mutiara NYC 慕缇耶菈

师承纽约⾸饰设计师Marian Fay Levitt,其教师是Tiffany & Co.珠宝品牌专业工匠。Jozie从事奢侈品和文化创意领域的品牌管理⼯作,首饰创作成为工作之外展现创意的源泉。多年居旅美国,擅以中式融合、时尚撞击传统的表现法制造设计与视觉上的惊喜。从定制链开始,多年来Jozie为情侣、朋友、母女、甚至宠物与主⼈间打造值得珍藏的独特纪念。

The chief Designer of Mutiara NYC, Jozie Lin, started the brand in New York after learning jewelry design from Marian Fay Levitt, whose jewelrymaking instructor used to work at Tiffany & Co. Jozie first launched the brand at “Young Designers’Market” in NoLita of Manhattan, where many aspiring, emerging artists from all over the world presented their works and designs. Jozie specialises in east-meets-west styles and combining different materials and colors to create interesting contrasts.