DP-LJQ品牌,是上海迪佩服装有限公司旗下的一个女装品牌,创立于2016年,服务于25-40岁的都市女性。遵循Most Advance Yet Acceptable的设计理念。认为高级时装不应该只体现为面料的奢华和工艺的考究,而在于对人性的细腻关怀:既强调对文化艺术的理解,又崇尚对内在精神的表达;既是对肢体优美的赞美,又是对体型缺陷的包容。设计本身是抽象的也是也具体的。我们只是讲述我的感受,游走在平面设计与服装风格设计的两个界面,穿梭在色彩,图案,材质,线条中间。

DP-LJQ, a women's brand of Shanghai Di Pei Garment Co., Ltd., was founded in 2016 with urban women in the age of 25 ~ 40 years as its target customers. Following the design concept Most Advanced Yet Acceptable, DP-LJQ believes that the high-end fashion is not only reflected in luxury fabric and fastidious technology, but it also lies in its delicate care of human nature. DP-LJQ emphasizes the understanding of culture and art, and advocates the expression of the inner spirit. It is our belief that the high-end fashion is both the beautiful praise of the body and the inclusiveness of physical defects. Understanding that the design itself is abstract and concrete, we just talk about our feelings, by wandering at the interface of the graphic design and fashion style design, and shuttling between color, pattern, material, and lines.