QULU creations

QULU 原创设计师品牌,致力于为那些追求自己独特风格的现代女性创造品质和设计完美结合的包袋。在QULU的设计里, 你可以看到很多不同颜色,纹理混搭出的经典和优雅。“Classic( 经典),  interesting(趣味), functional(功能)为品牌的设计基调, 品牌一直致力于将一些有着独特,有趣纹路的高质量皮革与经典的廓形结合,搭配经典,考究的色彩,为现代的摩登女性创造轻奢,个性化的包款。让每一个配戴的人都能佩戴出她们自己的风格,变得与众不同。

QULU  is a brand of handbags for women who care about expressing their own style and who appreciate luxury and fine quality.Get into QULU! You will find an exciting range of playful designs embracing iconic colours, unusual leathers and bold accessories.Classic, interesting & functional - These are the core concepts at the heart of our design ethic. It's all about mixing up unique textures and colours with classic shapes to create contemporary yet practical pieces for modern women.