日本女装SHOWROOM,旗下品牌包括蕾丝女装品牌REI THE LACES CHAMBER以及女装品牌TOUCH。REI THE LACES CHAMBER拥有70年历史、以设计独特的蕾丝花型和精致的做工制作凸显出女性优雅与柔美的服装。女装品牌TOUCH成立于1985年,来自日本著名的牛仔布产地冈山,借地域之优势,touch注重布料的设计与开发,每季推出适合女性现代生活的服饰。

Japanese female fashion brands showroom, includes brand:  REI THE LACES CHAMBER and TOUCH. REI THE LACES CHAMBER has 70 years of history of making lace, with unique design of lace pattern and exquisite workmanship to highlight women's elegance and softness .TOUCH was established in 1985, from Japan's famous denim origin Okayama, by geographical advantages, touch focus on the design and development of fabrics, the introduction of women's daily life for the modern dress.