GIORGIO DEMICHELI(戴米)意大利穆拉(Murano)琉璃雕塑与品品牌,采用传统玻璃熔融技 100%手工打造;品工精致考究,色彩丰富斑设计颖优雅,造型个性大气,兼具艺术性与用性,极具意式格及魅力;众多女性主系列使线丰富,其工的不可复制性塑造了每件品的独一无二性,代不同个性女性的独特要求。

Giorgio Demicheli is an Italian sculpture and jewelry brand, specializing in fusing Murano glass techniques. All the art objects are 100% handmade. Each item goes through quality check. The colors of each piece of art are rich and gorgeous, designs are original and elegant. artistic yet practical, items contain Italian fashion style and charm. Numerous collections, mainly dedicated to female theme series, contain numerous unique pieces of jewelry, which cannot be duplicated and well satisfy needs of modern women, each of who has her own unique character.