ushiyi 成立于2016年11月,为品牌设计师所创。希望透过简约的设计舒适的质感,以自在的面貌面对自己并享受生活的随兴趣,ushiyi认为衣服是呈现个人意识与品位素养的表征,因此“以人穿衣”而非“衣搭人”为知性心灵的追求,并展示出对艺术与哲学的当代生活美学的感受。

ushiyi was founded in November / 2016 named by brand designer . meaning enjoy the leisurely life with simply design and face to self in comfortable attitude By way of design and cutting to transmit cozy . simple . comfort and casual And present the Coexist Sensibility and Intellectual style brilliant the art of the atmosphere from heart. ushiyi connect knit And weaving to create a new cultural free style. Excellent and natural fabric and re-create traditional handcrafts to achieve the philosophy of Dressing and lifestyle.