BEN by SONG由品牌创始人宋洋于2009年在上海创立。是一个以包袋配饰类产品为主的原创设计师品牌。(BEN)“本”是自我,是原则,是组成万事万物最基础最重要的那一部分。无论是在快节奏的现代生活里,还是在漫长的人生修行中,对“本”的探索亦是对自我以及真实的思考。对于BEN by SONG而言,设计是品牌思考的载体,通过设计,我们不断的认清自己,反省自己,努力去发掘并坚守着每一个属于我们的“本”。


BEN by SONG was founded in 2009 in Shanghai by Song Yang, the founder of 

the brand. It is an original designer brand whose main products are bag ornaments. BEN (Chinese Pinyin “ben” means root and oneself) is self, it is principles 

and it is the most important and basic part of everything. No matter it is in the fast-paced modern life or in the long life journey, the exploration of "BEN" is also the reflection of self and reality. For BEN by SONG, design is the carrier of a brand’s thinking, and through design, we continuously recognize ourselves, reflect on ourselves, and try hard to explore and stick to each “BEN” that 

belongs to us.