ANNBOO collection

ANNBOO Collection,由设计师安博创立于2011年。作为终于创作的设计师品牌,ANNBOO Collection 一直追求诠释当代,时髦,艺术化的女性形象,和自我、松弛的生活方式。ANNBOO Collection擅长从现当代艺术和街头文化中汲取灵感,并融合图案设计和面料创新的设计手法。并折射出对多元文化在服饰与生活方式中的影响。ANNBOO Collection倡导年轻松弛的生活方式和时装精神。ANNBOO Collection独特的思维逻辑和文化理解,使设计产品呈现时髦果敢却不失轻松明快的女性韵味。

ANNBOO Collection was created by An Bo, a designer, in 2011. As a designer brand holding fast to creation, ANNBOO Collection has always sought to interpret a contemporary, trendy and artisticized feminine image and a self-contained and relaxed life style. ANNBOO Collection adepts at drawing inspirations from modern and contemporary art, as well as street art, and has integrated the techniques found in pattern design and fabric innovations, thus reflecting the influences of multi-cultures on clothing and lifestyles. By advocating a young and relaxed lifestyle and fashion spirits, ANNBOO Collection maintains unique logic of thinking and understanding to cultures which have endowed its products to exhibit a trendy, decisive yet breezy feminine charm.