vita wei

vita wei 在将美好愿景转化成设计的过程中,魏华创立了vita wei. vita wei是一个设计师品牌,专注于以优质面料和完美剪裁,来呈现极简主义而无时间感的时装设计。vita wei  关注那些把握自己命运,活出真我的现代女性,为他们提供一系列能通过自由搭配,从而展现自我的衣着。同时,魏华吸引到有同样愿景的法国设计师Nadine Sevin,共同把 vita wei 设计理念转化成实穿的服装,从而丰富品牌内核。

Wei hua translates er vision into the brand vita wei. vita wei  is a designer brand reflects a sense of simplicity and timeless modernity, focusing on fine fabrics and the perfect fit. vita wei  is designed for urban women with desire to own and create their style. It is a brand offers a range of dressings could adapt to many personality through mix and match vita wei’s works. To enrich the brand, She works closely with creative people who sharing the same value such as Nadine Sevin, a French Artistic Director, to translate her vision to designs.