独立设计师品牌MOON LEE于2015年在伦敦成立,设计师Injoo Lee毕业于伦敦时装学院,毕业后建立了自己的品牌。设计师以品牌为载体,表达自己的情感和对时事的反应。她用布料作为画布,融合了现代图案切割技术,并对传统的韩国纺织品进行了传统的袭承。因其大胆的用色和设计,短时间内便赢得了时尚媒体的追捧和喜爱。精妙绝伦的手绘刺绣,充满了艺术家般的风情。每一个图案,每一条纹路,大胆的色块拼接都是设计师无与伦比的才情与想象。廓形简单却充满趣味, 适合各年龄段女性对个性设计的追求,并在国际领先的精品店和网上展售。

"A creative space seeking to answer the question of fashion being Artwear"

Founded in 2014 contemporary Womenswear label Moon Lee seeks to transcend the traditional connotations of dress. Starting with art designer Injoo Lee uses the brand as a vehicle to express her own emotions and reaction to current affairs.Using cloth as her canvas she fuses with modern pattern cutting techniques and a nod to the traditional Korean textiles of her heritage. Following two creative BA Hons degrees Lee further mastered her skills with a MA Distinction at London College of Fashion. The brand has been exhibited across the globe and is stocked internationally in leading boutiques and online.