MICart设计师Skelly wang(王紫珊)来自美国加利福尼亚州,2011年移居深圳,并成立了MICartsy工作室。理念是将时尚与手工艺术相结合,以简单的款式基本底型作为白纸然后在上面做立体手工缝制绘画。她喜欢极端多变的事物,常常搜集各种古灵精怪的东西作为创作灵感。坚持“用心制作,用爱生活 handmade with love”,让每个系列都是一个完整的故事。希望品牌销售的不只是一件衣服,而是一种生活方式,也希望“艺术和功能相结合”的品牌精神能够延伸下去

MICartsy. was launched in December of 2011,it embodies the personal style ofdesigner Skelly Wang, origin and concept was to make fashion more artistic and to make art more fashionable. “We mainly use the basic collar or garment as a blank paper and we mix all types of material to craft delicate creative details.Our process of making a design is quite different than other fashion companies; we treat each of them as an art. Due to the handmade details, we can’t make all of them exactly the same for production which made it more precious and interesting.

We want to create a timeless feeling for our followers, stitch by stitch, every detail has its own story; handmade with love is always the purpose.”