Mistova 认为每件⾸首饰都应有独⼀一⽆无⼆二的情感, 成为佩戴者的⾃自我表达与精神⼒力力量量,记载⽣生命的重要痕迹。 Mistova 在宇宙的尺度中寻找创作灵感,注⼊入艺术审美与雕塑技艺, 通过空⼼心技术钻研,聚焦于⾦金金银材质,以超越性别的设计⻛风格,展现个⼈人且精致的⾼高品味⾸首饰。 NOVA系列列,从宇宙到陆地、⼤大海海……; ⽤首饰盛纳⽣命的情感哲学,与热爱突破常规,拥有独⽴立思想的⼈人共鸣。 

 Mistova believes the essence of jewelry is timelessness and uniqueness, where self-expression, strength and emotions are important building blocks. Our jewelry is inspired by the universe and incorporating art aesthetics in our sculptural forms.The collections embrace an extensive and unique understanding of metal crafts-manship, engineering and perfecting the process of creating hollow sculptural jewelry. The collections are not named but numbered to create a continuing connection, where one collection ends the other one begins. Mistova believes that all humans are connected through the same building blocks that make up the universe, earth and the ocean. The aim is to create jewelry that is contemporary in its roots, expressive in its looks with a fine jewelry finish.