色彩,永远是艺术家表达内心情感的窗口ALEXANDER.T. ZHAO采用大胆却不跳脱的色彩设计,迎接每个季节的风情。将看似相差甚远的材质,经由设计师的奇思妙想,转为相辅相成的映衬;多角度、多元素的复合运用,勾勒出女性内心所蕴藏的神秘力量和始终如一的潇洒。

Color is always the useful tool for expressing artists’ inner feelings. ALEXANDER.T.ZHAO adopts brave but conventional color design to usher in the features of each season. Apparently different materials are turned into complementary components through creative minds and skillful hands. The combination of multi-angle and multi-element awaken the mysterious and unrestrained power deep inside female hearts.