品牌的设计理念以当下青年文化为核心通过探寻和反思来完善系列的定义,同时能够引领新世代年轻人自身形象的塑造。品牌不默守除规 不树立刻板形象,在这个多元化的时代,通过产品与消费者出行沟通,构建出全新的品牌文化模式。

TYPERIGHTER is abbreviated as Typer, and is positioned as a brand integrating fun and diversity, as well as incorporating trendy electronic technology elements. It strives to speak for various social phenomena at present, discover the value demands of the young generation and integrate them into product design.


The design concept of the brand focuses on the current youth culture, through continuous exploration and reflection to improve the definition of the series, and lead the image shaping of the new generation youth. The brand strives to get rid of stereotypes and rigidity in the diversified era, to communicate with consumers through products, and is committed to building an innovative brand culture model.