abcense取自于东方文化在艺术创作上“留白“的概念。品牌运用鞋款的细节和消费者对话,使每个穿着者都能够运用自身的想象力和个人特质与鞋子产生互动。让消费者依其生活背景、艺术修养而赋予更多的想象空间去延伸遐想, 进而听到自己内心深处的感受。

abcense adopts traditional shoe making techniques and simple components to achieve the balance between graphic sense and footwear. Inspired by oriental culture, abcense upholds the principle of “less is more” and allows the wearer to have more space for self-expression and tell their own stories. Deeply loved by their wearers, abcense shoes are highly identifiable and easy to match with diversified styles.