SILVER MOOM 有着讲究的品质和内敛的设计理念。舍弃花俏的布料和多余的装饰,以精炼的剪裁,完美的发挥出布料本身的质感。柔合的线条剪裁,强调穿着的舒适度,整体呈现干净利落,衬托出穿着者本身的气质,为SILVER MOOM独特的气质展现。


SILVER MOOM has exquisite quality and restrained design concept. Abandon the fancy fabrics and extra decorations, and use refined tailoring to perfectly display the texture of the fabric itself. The soft line tailoring emphasizes the comfort of wearing, and the overall appearance is clean and neat, setting off the wearer's own temperament, and showing the unique temperament of SILVER MOOM.