2017年初成立于法国巴黎,Loin.T致力于制造适合年轻男女穿着的兼具趣味和品质的风格成衣。 品牌热衷于探索服装带给穿着者的快乐和自信感,而不仅仅只是一件普通衣服,因而在它的每一件设计中融入 幽默感,是为品牌的设计出发点,而让每一个穿着者,在穿上一件衣服的过程中首先感受到衣服的品质,然后 仔细发现,便能从服装的设计点中感受到来自设计师的幽默感,进而提升生活中的趣味。

Founded in Paris, France in early 2017, Loin.T specializes in girl and boy’s ready-to-wear fashion. Passionate about bringing happiness and confidence to the wearer, the brand has delves into the exploration of incorporating a sense humor into the design.
Let each wearer first feel the quality of the clothes in the process of putting on a piece of clothing, and then carefully discover that the sense of humor from the designer can be felt from the design point of the clothing, thereby enhancing the interest in life.