Chuer是香港美千代服饰有限公司旗下高级女装品牌,由国内资深设计师褚英霞女士于2012年创立,携手上海,香港,台湾三地的设计团队打造的设计师原创品牌,团队秉承“探索创新 匠心传承”的精神进行多年来的创作。设计调性源于当代女性对生活艺术美学的理解与应用;从美学的最高境界“素雅”出发,通过对每块面料的理解进行独到剪裁与细节把控,独具匠心的传统工艺与当代流行元素相互融合,从创新中体现复古情怀,从素雅廓形中体现精致时尚度,致力于在“美”与“用”之间做到最好的平衡。Chuer 期望通过努力,将日渐式微的服装传统手工艺保留下来,并从中汲取灵感,创造具有高辨识度的高级女装,并且将之置于当下生活艺术中重新审视。一件Chuer的衣服,可以认识优雅,表达态度,传递美学。


Chuer is a high-end woman's clothing brand under the Hong Kong Main Trend Clothing Co., Ltd. It was founded in 2012 by Ms. Chu Yingxia, a senior designer in China.

The team has been adhering to the spirit of "innovation and inheritance" for many years; the design tone comes from the woman's understanding and application of aesthetics of life.

Each design starts from the highest level of aesthetics--simpleness and elegance, each fabric is elaborately tailored according to its characteristics.  In this way, the traditional craftsmanship and contemporary elements have been blended together. What’s more, the retro feelings are reflected through innovation, the exquisite fashion is displayed through the elegant silhouette. Chuer not only devotes itself to achieving the balance between "beauty" and "application", but also strives to preserve the declining traditional handicrafts, and draw inspiration from it to create highly recognizable high-end woman's clothing. 

Through a piece of Chuer's clothes, the elegance is recognized,  an attitude is expressed, and the aesthetics is conveyed.