HIVE showroom 创立于2014年,是广州红棉网络科技有限公司旗下的互联网,时尚服务平台。目前HIVE showroom提供包含数据分析,线上线下销售与推广,媒体公关,供应链管理在内的服务,协助品牌健康,稳定地发展。已代理超过100个以意大利为主的海外设计师品牌及30余个中国独立设计师品牌。涵盖男装,女装,男女鞋及配饰等品类。

拥有多年从事欧洲时尚行业的丰富经验和对中国市场的深度了解,积累了服装专业市场海量数据。辅以先进的AI(人工智能)技术,HIVE showroom致力于为国内外独立设计师品牌在中国拓展业务提供专业的数字化服务平台,并未时尚买手提供“订货-结算-物流-清关-配送-售后-分析”的定制化服务


HIVE showroom is an internet and fashion service platform, subordinate of Guangzhou Red Electronic Commerce Co.Ltd. HIVE showroom offers integrated services in data analysis, online/offline sales, public relations and supply chain management, aiming to assist brand with sustainable growth. HIVE has collaborated with more than 100 international brands and 30 best emerging Chinese designers, providing the greatest selection of global fashion for both women and men.

HIVE team is specialized in advanced AI technology and is deeply knowledgeable in fashion marketing. We are commited in facilitating global designers service platform to maintain and expand retail channels in China. HIVE provides buyers with outstanding customized services.