AnOther Project 成立于2018年。

“Another“ 取意 ”另一个“,力求一直前进,比此刻更好,更完善。

品牌跟随重新发出的理念,取其“另类新生”之意,也表示一种回溯。对于产品, AnOther Project承袭传统鞋履的精髓, 延续天然皮料的质感, 增添与新元素和灵感的碰撞。以"A new genre project"的视角, 打造现代女鞋的新组合。


AnOther Project was founded in 2018.

"Another", taking the meaning of another, striving for improvements, better than now.

Following the concept of ‘renewal from the past’, we take the message from the word "renewal", yet, also touch back to the classics。

About our products, we keep inheriting the essences from the traditions, transmitting the pure qualities from the natural leathers, combining with modern materials to give the “renewals”. Carry the perspective of “a new genre project”, we are aiming for a new classical women’s footwear brand.