SENTÈZ凝聚了创始⼈兼设计师Claudia Epszteyn超过30年的皮具研发经验,是Claudia倾其所有,集形状、⽐例、⾊彩及持续创新为⼀体的多年的⼼⾎。



SENTÈZ is the synthesis of a whole life dedicated to shapes, proportions, colors plus a permanent fascination for innovation held by creator and designer Claudia Epszteyn, who boasts a career of over 30 years of research and experience in creating successful leather products.

In 1989 she burst into the Argentine leather goods market with the creation of the first colored bag: a red one. It was highly successful despite having provoked considerable resistance at the same time. Soon after, she had already become the designer who established a new way to carry this accessory, assigning it a special place in the ward- robe.

SENTÈZ is the synthesis of maturity, of a huge commercial background as well as of the love and understanding present in these times in which all paradigms are broken yet showing respect for the past.