WRONG品牌由设计师王长荣2016年创立于深圳(原用名WANG CHANGRONG),以東方哲學為品牌核心;以運動、時尚、科技為基調的具有當代和未來感的品牌。Ta代表了8090后新一代女性多元化的魅力和勇于挑战的冒险精神,满足当下女性不同场景多重穿衣需求,风格多变却始终保持着品牌独特的辨识度品牌创立至今,先后获得2018SS上海时装周最佳商业潜质奖,2018年城市画报新势力大奖之年度艺术品牌,2017年作为中国设计师代表参加“一带一路”国际高峰合作论坛。

Wrong brand was founded by designer Wang Changrong in 2016 in Shenzhen (formerly known as Wang Changrong), with oriental philosophy as the core of the brand; a brand with contemporary and future sense based on sports, fashion and technology. TA represents the diversified charm and adventurous spirit of the new generation of women after the 80s and 90s. It meets the multiple needs of women in different scenes. Its style is changeable, but it always keeps the brand's unique identity. Since its establishment, it has successively won the best business potential award of Shanghai Fashion Week in 2018ss, the annual art brand of the new force award of City Pictorial in 2018, which was set up in China in 2017 The representative of the one division participated in the one belt, one Road International Summit Forum.