后极少主义 (Post-Minimalism) 时代下,幾樣®以"Singular Pluralism"为设计哲学,秉承极简主义精神,却不同于以往机械化的冷淡。多元化的物料、各自指向明确的形式 (Form) 经碰撞,颠覆单一的审美取向,演绎出非预料 (unexpected) 的结果。设计师致力于以极简又不失趣味的剪裁,肌理特别且质感优良的面料,陈述当代都会女性多元主义的摩登。藉衣由物,赋予穿着者多重维度的多样可能,诠释个体独立/自由/不拘的的多层次内核,甚至未知的自我。幾樣® 背后的团队整合了二十余年制衣经验及资源,秉承精湛工艺与细腻剪裁,是从研发、起版、面辅料开发到工厂生产,配备成熟完整供应链的设计师品牌。


Under the post-minimalism era,  GEIJOENG® takes "Singular Pluralism" as the design philosophy, adhering to the spirit of minimalism, but different from the previous mechanization of coldness. The diversified materials, each pointing to a clear form  through collision, subvert a single aesthetic orientation, deducing unexpected results. Designers are committed to a very simple and interesting cut, special and high-quality texture of the fabric, to state the urban women's modernity of pluralism in contemporary. It gives the wearer the possibility of multiple dimensions, the multi-level kernel of individual independence/freedom/easeness, and even the unknown self. The team behind GEIJOENG® integrated more than 20 years of clothing experience and resources, adhering to exquisite craftsmanship and fine tailoring,  which is the designer brand equipped with mature and complete supply chain from R & D, printing, fabircs & accessories development to factory production.