品牌创始人JIA HE,服装产业里的老人,独立设计师里的新人。从设计师做到设计总监,再到伦敦时装学院go攻读MA,之后在2019年创立了自己的独立设计师品牌,18年一路狂奔下来,虽不再年轻但却初心未改。 WE ARE STILL HERE!我们的品牌也许不那么炙热和激烈,但一定沉静而美好……

品牌2019夏季胶囊系列及2020秋冬系列命名为:NOTHING IS EVERYTHING,系列的源于设计师2015年刚到伦敦是的回忆以及当时的心境

HE Jia, the founder of the brand, is a veteran of the industry, but a  new face to the independent designer scene. He moved up the rank from junior designer to creative director, and later he went to London College of Fashion to pursue his MA. Though no longer young after eighteen years of endeavour, HE’s passion for fashion has never changed. Wash Studios may not be outrageous or avant-garde, but it is calm and refine. The combined debut seasons of SS20 and AW20 are Nothing is Everything, inspired by He’s memory of London when he first arrived in 2015.