Siqi.Z paris在2017年7月创立于法国巴黎。是一个专注于轮廓与细节设计,拥有简洁轮廓与精细剪裁的女装原创设计品牌。针对现代女性,“她”年轻、热情、活泼、极简、优雅、高街,将设计感与实穿性完美。



Siqi.Z paris, Being founded in July 2017. Located in Paris, France. Focus on silhouette and details,especially the clean outline and delicate cut. Young, passionate, vivacious, minimalism,elegant,high fashion are the labels and marks of Siqi.Z . Original design is hard to wear? With Siqi.Z, you will find the combination between 2. Siqi.Z wants to create the products for powerfulwomen at all need, not only being fascinating at night or after work, but also being powerful and chic during work. I think women are full of power naturally, clothes are definitely their way toexpress it . With Siqi.Z, you can be elegant but not posturing, sexy but not flattering. Create for all the powerful and fashion women, who loves life and being curious to the trends. These are our goals.