2019年10月,NWANG受邀参加巴黎2020秋冬PV(Première Vision)第一视觉展。NWANG使用创旧东方色,融入真丝、精纺羊毛、三醋酸、天然环保纤维混纺,甄选来自不同原产地的优质材料进行重组创造。


NWANG brand was established in 2018, rooted in the Chinese creative team, to explore the Oriental humanistic spirit.

Wang (WANG) represents that "heaven, earth and man" are connected by Wang; "N" means N, which is fixed and flexible and full of various possibilities. Fashion core itself is the wearer himself, is the carrier of self-internal exploration and external expression. Everyone should be his "king" and be the best self.

In October 2019, NWANG was invited to participate in the first Vision Exhibition of Paris 2020 F/W PV (premi è re vision). NWANG uses the old oriental color, blended with silk, worsted wool, triacetic acid and natural environmental protection fiber, and selects high-quality materials from different origins for recombination and creation.

The brand advocates “Carefree lifestyle" , makes commuting more Oriental and Creative.