先爱己,才有能力更好得爱别人LUVUR所倡导的品牌理念全部包含于品牌名称——Love yourself之中。







It's a message to love yourself more than anyone else and to show yourself to the world with dignity. The symbol

made with ‘L’ of ‘Luvur’ and punctuation,' ∙ ' which means ‘to expose, emphasize’ and Luvur's message implicit in it as well. It contains the hope that people will grow to cherish and love themselves, to be free from the gaze of others, to

live the way they want to live, and thus to have the power to positively change everything around them so that it will

be the beginning of happiness. LUVUR is an expression of self-confidence, and make it possible to don't mind the

others and live out your concepts. Furthermore pursuing a borderless design between casual and formal clothing,

and we' re creating silhouettes that can fit into any person. Inspired by world changes and issues, we create new

designs, reflecting social changes in our design. The design of the Luvu ris a change of ideas that reflects the times.

Luvur's design is a transformation of ideas that reflects the current culture of society