设计师毕业于北京服装学院,后在法国巴黎服装工会学校深造,曾在法国多家时装屋工作过:DOMINIQUE SIROP (Haute Cuture);JOHN GALLIANO;STEPHANE ROLLAND(Haute Cuture);JITROIS。



“La chance”在法语中的意思是“好运”。在如今这样的社会中,女性不论是在职场上还是生活中都面临诸多压力,但她们展现出独立、坚毅、积极向上的生活态度,优雅、浪漫的动人姿态,在为变成更好的自己而努力着,设计师希望自己的服装可以成为她们成长之路的支持者,见证她们人生的每一个时刻。祝愿她们的一生好运相伴。



The designer graduated from Beijing Institute Of Fashion Technology, and then studied at the Ecole de la Chambre Syndicale de La Couture Parisienne, She has worked in the following French fashion houses: DOMINIQUE SIROP (Haute Cuture)  ;JOHN GALLIANO ;STEPHANE ROLLAND(Haute Cuture);JITROIS。


"La chance" means "good luck" in French. In today's society, women are facing a lot of pressure both in the workplace and in their life, but they show independence, determination and positive attitude toward life, elegant and romantic charming gesture, they are working hard to become better themselves. the designer hoped own clothing may become them to grow the road supporter, the testimony they life each time.Wishes their life good luck accompanying.